What is Electron Beam Drilling?

by Don Christensen

What is Electron Beam Drilling?

Electron Beam Drilling is an innovative machining process, which drills many small holes in resistant material. This process is in some cases the best solution for specific applications. The perforation technique is simple: The highly concentrated energized electron beam instantly vaporizes the material at the point of impact. In just a few thousandths of a second the beam forms a fine channel through the work piece. The molten material surrounding the channel is blasted out by the vapor pressure and creates the holes. Size, depth, and shape of the holes are exacted defined by the beam data selection. This technology can create cylindrical, conical, trumpet –like sections which are exactly defined by the beam data selection and can be drilled into various materials.

When to utilize Electron Beam Drilling?

As a machining process, Electron Beam Machining (EBM) is often mentioned along with Laser Beam Machining (LBM), Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) and Electro Chemical Machining (ECM). These nontraditional techniques are used when the requirements exceed mechanical machining and drilling capabilities or because they have overriding cost advantages. Compared to other hole drilling techniques, the electron beam process has unique features that give it special capabilities for hole drilling over a wide range of applications. Drill speeds of up to 2000 holes per minute puts this technology far ahead others types. Due to most recent demands of the industry requiring smaller hole dia., Acceleron, Inc. continues to develop NEW processes and tools to drill holes as small as .002”-.004” in dia. in small tube diameters. We not only supply products that filter liquids from solids (as seen in the PAPER & PULP Industry,) but we are also expanding our expertise into the area of drilled holes in exotic materials used for cooling in the Aerospace Industry and diffusing highly corrosive gases in a variety of chemical industries. As the industry demands more efficient products at a lower cost, Acceleron continues to commit its recourses and efforts to develop smaller holes with tighter tolerances.

Unique Features of EB Drilling

  • No contact “Thermal Tool”
  • High power density focused into a small spot.
  • Critical beam parameters can be adjusted electronically at high speed
  • Inclined holes at various angles to the surface.
  • Drilling on a continuously moving target.
  • Drilling rate up to 2000 holes per second in thin sheet material
  • Target Material Thickness: 0.002” to .200”
  • Hole Diameter: 0.003”-0.040”
  • Aspect Ratio (depth/dia): 25 to 1
  • Hole Profiles: Taper, Cylinder and Bell

Drilling on the fly results in the most efficient Way to process drilled holes

Sample of Electron Beam Drilled Holes


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